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Hayes Original Bar Puller Kit

  Item #: BPK1001-IN

The Original Bar Puller Kit is the best way to buy the Hayes Bar Puller. It includes all standard size tips and bodies. Remember, this kit is very customizable. If you need to pull metric sized bars, custom order the metric tip you need. If the turret of your CNC lathe needs bodies with a larger diameter, they can also be custom ordered. See our detailed list of available parts for all these additional parts. If you need something you can't find here, please feel free to contact us. The tips for the Hayes Bar Puller come with a lifetime warranty against wear. Made in the USA.

The following pieces are included in the Hayes Original Bar Puller Kit:


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Detailed Parts Listing

Items marked with * are included in our kit.

Download our Detailed Parts Listing (.PDF file)


BPK1001-INOriginal Hayes Bar Puller Kit$429.95
Bar Puller Body


WRNCH01Wrench for changing tips.  *$19.95
Bar Puller Body


BD01-12501-1/4" Dia. - 1/2"x 20 stud$149.95
BD01-15001-1/2" Dia. - 1/2"x 20 stud  *$159.95
BD01-17501-3/4" Dia. - 1/2"x 20 stud$169.95
BD01-20002" Dia. - 1/2"x 20 stud$179.95
BD02-12501-1/4" Dia. - 1"x 12 stud$149.95
BD02-15001-1/2" Dia. - 1"x 12 stud  *$159.95
BD02-17501-3/4" Dia. - 1"x 12 stud$169.95
BD02-20002" Dia. - 1"x 12 stud$179.95
Bar Puller Body

Standard Tips

ST01-37503/8 w/ 1/2x 20 threads  *$58.95
ST01-43757/16 w/ 1/2x 20 threads$61.45
ST01-50001/2 w/ 1/2x 20 threads  *$63.95
ST01-56259/16 w/ 1/2x 20 threads$66.45
ST01-62505/8 w/ 1/2x 20 threads  *$68.95
ST01-687511/16 w/ 1/2x 20 threads$71.45
ST01-75003/4 w/ 1/2x 20 threads  *$73.95
ST01-812513/16 w/ 1/2x 20 threads$76.45
ST01-87507/8 w/ 1/2x 20 threads  *$78.95
ST01-937515/16 w/ 1/2x 20 threads$81.45
ST01-100001 w/ 1/2x 20 threads  *$83.95
ST02-106251-1/16 w/ 1x 12 threads$86.45
ST02-112501-1/8 w/ 1x 12 threads  *$88.95
ST02-118751-3/16 w/ 1/2x 20 threads$91.45
ST02-125001-1/4 w/ 1x 12 threads  *$93.95
ST02-131251-5/16 w/ 1x 12 threads$96.45
ST02-137501-3/8 w/ 1x 12 threads  *$98.95
ST02-143751-7/16 w/ 1x 12 threads$101.45
ST02-150001-1/2 w/ 1x 12 threads  *$103.95
Bar Puller Body

Metric Tips

MT01-10MM10mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$58.95
MT01-11MM11mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$60.20
MT01-12MM12mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$61.45
MT01-13MM13mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$62.70
MT01-14MM14mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$63.95
MT01-15MM15mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$65.20
MT01-16MM16mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$66.45
MT01-17MM17mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$67.70
MT01-18MM18mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$68.95
MT01-19MM19mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$70.20
MT01-20MM20mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$71.45
MT01-21MM21mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$72.70
MT01-22MM22mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$73.95
MT01-23MM23mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$75.20
MT01-24MM24mm w/ 1/2x 20 threads$76.45
MT02-25MM25mm w/ 1x 12 threads$77.70
MT02-26MM26mm w/ 1x 12 threads$78.95
MT02-27MM27mm w/ 1x 12 threads$80.20
MT02-28MM28mm w/ 1x 12 threads$81.45
MT02-29MM29mm w/ 1x 12 threads$82.70
MT02-30MM30mm w/ 1x 12 threads$83.95
MT02-31MM31mm w/ 1x 12 threads$85.20
MT02-32MM32mm w/ 1x 12 threads$86.45
MT02-33MM33mm w/ 1x 12 threads$87.70
MT02-34MM34mm w/ 1x 12 threads$88.95
MT02-35MM35mm w/ 1x 12 threads$90.20
MT02-36MM36mm w/ 1x 12 threads$91.45
MT02-37MM37mm w/ 1x 12 threads$92.70
MT02-38MM38mm w/ 1x 12 threads$93.95
MT02-39MM39mm w/ 1x 12 threads$95.20
MT02-40MM40mm w/ 1x 12 threads$96.45
Bar Puller Body