About the Hayes Bar Puller.

The Hayes Bar Puller is made in the USA (with patent pending) and features a modular design that allows for unlimited expandability and customization. The bar puller consists of only two pieces, a body and a tip. The tips are interchangeable on the bodies, allowing for unprecedented customization. Whether you're pulling metric or inch bars, whether your CNC needs a 1-1/4" - 2" body, the Hayes Bar Puller will cover your needs.


The centerpiece of the Hayes Bar Puller are the tips. The tip is like a cup that slides over the bar then grips it to pull it through the lathe chuck. This cup is cut into segments that allow it to flex and grip the bar stock. These tips are extremely durable and will not bend or break if dropped. The tips also have slots on the outside for attaching a spanner wrench, allowing the tips to be easily changed while the body stays in the turret of the CNC lathe. The spanner wrench is included in our Original Bar Puller Kit.

The tip specifications are given in the size of bar they pull. For instance a 1" tip will pull a 1"bar, a 20mm tip will pull a 20mm bar. The larger tips (1" through 1-1/2") have 1"x12 threads for attaching to the BD01 series body. The smaller tips (3/8" through 7/8") have 1/2"x20 threads for attaching to the BD02 series body. Our standard kit includes 10 tips for bar sizes 3/8" through 1-1/2" in 1/8" increments. If you need 1/16" increments or metric tips, they are available individually. They all attach to either the BD01 series body or the BD02 series body (both of which are included in the kit). We recommend you purchase the Hayes Original Bar Puller Kit, then purchase additional custom tips as needed.


The second part of the bar puller is the body. The body is inserted and secured into the turret of the CNC lathe. The body has a threaded stud that accepts the tip. Our standard kit comes with two bodies. The BD01-1500 body has 1/2"x20 threads on the stud and the BD02-1500 body has 1"x12 threads on the stud. Our standard bodies are both 1-1/2" in diameter. If the turret of your CNC lathe requires bodies with different sized diameter, they can be ordered individually. The different sized bodies will still accept the same tips, making the whole kit adaptable and expandable.

About H & H Machining

We're a machine shop, and the producers of Hayes Bar Puller. The Bar Puller arose from a need in our shop because we like to keep our manufacturing process as automated as possible. When producing thousands of the same parts, automation helps ensure each piece is the same. It also speeds production and allows us to keep our costs down. In an effort to enhance our automated manufacturing process, we developed this new bar puller. This new bar puller has helped increase production and eliminate some equipment costs. We love it, and want to share this product with you. You'll be comfortable in knowing our products are made in the USA by skilled machinists who who have the skill and expertise necessary to design and produce high quality products.

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